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Praise for The 12 Week Year for Writers

“We writers are a peculiar bunch, so I am impressed how Trevor manages to bridge high-performance practices into our creative world and make it feel natural. This book will help practitioners of the 12 Week Year for Writers method feel in charge of their writing projects and make continuous progress. That is a remarkable feat.”

christian tietze, writer, app developer, and zettlekasten zealot

“We wrote the first version of our NYT bestseller, The 12 Week Year, in just 12 weeks using our own system. Since then, we’ve helped people and companies all over the world to unlock their capabilities and accomplish more. With this new book the 12 Week Year has been adapted specifically for the challenges of writers.

If you are a student, a professional, a full time author, or you just love to write, this book is for you. Get it, study it, apply it, and you will cut months, (maybe even years), off the time it takes to produce your best work.”

brian moran & Michael Lennington, authors, The 12 Week Year

This book is for anyone who wants to…

Make a living from their writing

Writing is essential for many careers. To excel requires writing productively.

Defeat writer’s block and get things done

All writers face challenges. A proven system will help you power through them.

Fearlessly launch new writing projects

When you trust your writing system, no project is too ambitious!

How the 12 Week Year Saved My Career

I’m Trevor Thrall, author of The 12 Week Year for Writers.

How would your life change if you could produce your best writing more consistently?

Over the past 20 years, I’ve used the 12 Week Year as both a professor and an entrepreneur to help me write millions of words on a wide range of topics.

But when I was a new assistant professor, I was staring at a blank white board wondering how I would ever manage to publish enough over the next six years to get tenure.

The truth is that as a young person, I was one of the least efficient and least organized people you’d ever met. It took me a long time to finish my dissertation and before I got my first academic job I had never been a consistent writer or publisher of high-quality work.

Thankfully it was then I discovered the 12 Week Year. Embracing the system transformed my ability to plan and execute my writing. It was so successful that I managed to get tenure while helping raise three kids and juggling a start up business on the side.

To learn more about the 12 Week Year and how it can help you reach your writing goals, click the button below and I’ll send you the first chapter of my book, The 12 Week Year for Writers.