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30 Day Writing Habit Builder Challenge

Strengthen Your Writing Habit with a Community

Challenge Begins January 24, 2022

How the Challenge Works

  • The challenge is free to anyone who wants to participate.
  • The goal is to help you design, implement, and cement a new weekly writing routine in 30 days.
  • Beginning January 24, you will receive a challenge email every morning. The first week’s emails will walk you through the steps of designing your new routine.
  • The emails will also include reminders, encouragement, and support, along with a few inspirational tidbits to help keep you going
  • Each Friday, you will receive an Accountability & Community Email. This email will include a link inviting you to share (anonymously!) your progress, feelings, and experiences. You will also have a chance to share (anonymously or not, your choice) any advice, wisdom, or encouragement that you’d like me to pass on to the challenge community
  • Each Monday, I will share progress reports from the community as well as any encouragements people have contributed.
  • At the end of the 30 Day Challenge, I will hold a free debriefing session for all challenge participants. It will be a great time to discuss what we’ve learned, what we’re still struggling with, and to talk about how to make sure we maintain our new writing habits.

Let’s Build New Habits Together

New Year’s…New Dreams…New Projects…New Habits

You have big goals. But they won’t come easy. So don’t make empty resolutions this year – build a new writing habit instead.

Research makes it very clear: what we make a habit, we do. Things that aren’t habits we…don’t always do.

The 30 Day Writing Habit Builder Challenge will help you design, implement, and cement a rock-solid new writing routine to help you reach your new goals.

3 Keys to Creating a Killer Writing Habit

The reason your new routine will be successful boils down to the three keys:


Step one is to design a weekly writing routine that fits the way you work and makes your writing easier, more fun, and more productive.

During the first week of the challenge, you’ll get step-by-step advice for creating a new weekly writing routine.


Once you have designed your new routine, it’s time to implement it – over and over. Studies show that the key to cementing a new habit is repetition over time.

The 30 Day Challenge will ensure that your new habit has plenty of time to start becoming automatic.


The secret sauce that helps more people build habits than perhaps anything else: accountability. People who combine a well-designed writing routine with accountability for showing up and doing the writing become more consistent and productive writers.

The 30 Day Challenge will provide you with accountability and. a community to help support you through the tough process of building a new habit.

Want more help building a new writing habit?

If you’re ready to create a new writing habit but want more guidance, check out the Weekly Writing Routine Workshop.

During the live workshop – held on January 20th just before the 30 Day Challenge begins – we’ll walk through the steps of designing your new weekly writing routine. You’ll have access to the recorded session and additional planning and design tools. Once you’ve completed the workshop, you’ll be ready for the 30 Day Challenge.