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Weekly Writing Routine Workshop
January 20, 2022

Are you ready to start 2022 with a bang?? Don’t make another resolution – Create a Writing Habit!

The live, 90-minute workshop will walk you step-by-step through the process of designing a customized weekly writing routine that will help you write more consistently – and more easily – than ever before.

Quick Start Workshop
February 15, 2022

The 12 Week Year for Writers is a transformative roadmap to accelerating your writing output. This free workshop is the perfect way to get started.

You’ll leave the workshop with concrete strategies for:

  • Honing your writing vision and aligning it with your work
  • Visualizing your workflow for better planning
  • Making more time for your writing
  • Aligning your time with your plan
  • Building a powerful writing habit
  • And more…