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Coach-Led Weekly Writing Group

Writing Is Hard
Don’t Do It Alone

Are you feeling alone with your writing struggles? Could you use a weekly dose of inspiration and camaraderie? Would it help you stay accountable to have a group of fellow writers to meet with each week?

Research shows that people who meet regularly are happier and more productive. In my experience, nothing beats a weekly writing group for holding myself accountable, keeping my spirits up, and helping me deal with the inevitable problems and setbacks I encounter throughout my writing life.

Let’s Get Our Writing Done Together

Attending a weekly writing group is one of the most valuable things you can do to get your writing done.

How the Coach-Led
Weekly Writing Group Works

  • Each group has a limit of 8 members, plus me (Trevor)
  • We meet once a week for an hour via Zoom at a mutually agreed upon time
  • At each meeting we’ll share prior week reports, plans for the coming week, and help each other with planning, problem solving, etc.
  • I’ll provide 12 Week Year for Writers coaching, support, and inspiration (!) based on my decades of experience
  • Members can email questions and topics to me ahead of time for discussion
  • Members will have free access to GYWD self-paced online courses and other materials
  • Members encourage to network and “graduate” to their own writing groups when they’re ready


How much does it cost?

The monthly price is $97 (less than $25 per week). I offer 15% off that price for the quarterly plan and 20% off for the annual plan.

What happens when I join?

First, you’ll get an onboarding email from me with instructions on preparing for your first weekly meeting. You’ll fill out a short survey so I can learn more about you and what you’d like to get out of the group. I’ll also send you a link to download the weekly reporting template so you can get that ready. Finally, we’ll schedule a 15-minute phone or Zoom call to start building our relationship and so I can fill you in on the group before the first meeting.

Where are the meetings?

We’ll hold our meetings on Zoom. Each group will have its own “Zoom room.” Every week I’ll send out a reminder beforehand with the link.

What if I don’t use the 12 Week Year for Writers system?

No worries! It’s the system I use and teach, but writing group is for everyone who writes. I won’t try to sell you on my system.

I have some questions before I join.

I hope I have the answers. Email me at