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Getting Started
with the 12 Week Year

The 12 Week Year is an operating system for your writing.

Most writers know what they need to do to get their writing done. The problem is that they don’t do those things consistently.

The 12 Week Year will help you achieve your goals
by keeping you focused and on track

Five Practical Steps to Transform Your Writing Process

Step 1 Craft your vision

  • Establish your aspirational vision
  • Define what your near-term vision looks like
  • Determine what writing means for you
  • Identify the writing required to make your vision a reality

Step 2 Create your 12 week plan

  • Identify the goals most critical for getting your project done
  • Brainstorm the key tactics that will help you reach those goals
  • Create weekly plans by mapping your tactics to your schedule

Step 3 Align your time with your plan

  • Structure your weeks to maximize your writing time
  • Use time blocking to ensure focus and reduce stress
  • Plan ahead to make every writing session productive

Step 4 Manage Your Writing Process

  • Establish key metrics to track your progress
  • Attend a weekly writing group
  • Conduct weekly reviews and start every day by reviewing your plan

Step 5 Get Your Writing Done

  • Embrace the writer’s mindset
  • Follow your weekly routine
  • Write with confidence, knowing that your plan will bring you great results
The 12 Week Year for Writers

Get the book and get started writing with the 12 Week Year

Wondering where to start? Get the book, The 12 Week Year for Writers, and learn more about how the 12 Week Year will help you become the most productive writer you can be.

Take the 12 Week Year to the next level

Online Course: Writing with the 12 Week Year

This course will give you:

  • A rock-solid 12 Week Plan to keep you focused and motivated
  • Alignment between your vision, goals, and actions
  • A weekly schedule designed to maximize your productivity and reduce stress
  • A weekly routine and tools to keep your writing on track even when you face obstacles 

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