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The 12 Week Year for Writers

The 12 Week Year for Writers
Quick Start Workshop

Featuring Trevor Thrall

1:30 – 2:30 PM ET, November 3, 2021

The 12 Week Year for Writers is a transformative roadmap to accelerating your writing output. This workshop is the perfect way to get started.

Order a presale copy of the book and reserve a seat in this free workshop with the author, Trevor Thrall.

Designed specifically for people who already use the 12 Week Year,

A quick workshop overview

Workshop topics include:

  • The value of crafting a writing vision
  • The fundamental importance of focus
  • How to chunk your writing projects into 12 Week goals
  • Finding time to write in a busy life
  • How to use a weekly writing group
  • Embracing the writer’s mindset
  • And more…

What people are saying about the 12 Week Year for Writers…

opened book on person's lap with gray socks

“I feel like this is the first time I actually have a plan with workable steps – and a way to measure progress – rather than an endless task list I could never hope to conquer.”

Matt Fay, Ph.D. student

About the instructor
Trevor Thrall

Hi, I’m Trevor Thrall, author of The 12 Week Year for Writers and the founder of Get Your Writing Done, a website for helping people become more productive writers. In my day job as a professor of political science, I have used the 12 Week Year to publish a wide range of books, articles, policy reports, and opeds. Now I want to share my strategies with everyone.